The Baltimore Zionist District is the largest independent Zionist organization in the world, who supports the democratically elected government of the State of Israel on issues of security and defense, promotes Zionist education and fosters connections between the Baltimore community and Israel.

Ultimate Teen Israel Experience

Ulpan classes

69th Brandeis Gala

Birthrigh 2015


  • Disseminate accurate and unbiased information about the State of Israel
  • Engaging the community with Middle East experts
  • Raising the consciousness to be the voice for Israel


  • Creative and intensive educational Zionist programs to enhance a strong relationship with Israel
  • To be a resource for educators and community at large
  • Build the sense of Jewish peoplehood to Israel


  • Develop the pride of being Jewish ---is a trip to Israel
  • Taste of Israel-in Baltimore through Israel's artists and musicians
  • Celebrate and commemorate Israel's national heritage