If you’re between the ages of 18-26, you may be eligible to join the more than 500,000 young Jewish adults from 66 countries who have already received the gift of a free 10-day trip to Israel!  


Enjoy snorkeling in the Red Sea, rappelling down a cliff, overlooking the Dead Sea, exploring the archaeological ruins of the Old City of Jerusalem, boating on Lake Kineret, and tasting the newest Galilee wines!


Travel with us to Israel on HI-Gear trip!


Testimonials from Summer Birthright 2015

By: Dean Shalem


As a son of two Israeli parents, I am no stranger to the land of Israel. I've been on a handful of planned tours and numerous local visits to friends and family. Each tour offered its own unique point of view of the country. Despite this, the country never gets old. Recently I was lucky enough to be a participant in BZD's 2015 Yael adventures birthright trip. The visit was nothing but fun from the moment we landed in Ben Gurion until the very last day. We visited Tzfat, Haifa, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Tiberius, and more, with each location being an experience of its own. My most memorable moment was entering the concert stadium at the Mega event, which also marked the 500,000th person to have attended birthright. The event was unlike any other and it gave us an opportunity to thank the donors and meet other birthright groups worldwide. I'll never forget those whom I traveled with, in fact, I have already met up with some. I will forever miss my BZD 2015 birthright experience.

I would trade anything to go again.

By: Jade Shapiro


I came to Israel not really looking for anything in particular. I was in it for the "free trip" aspect and that was it. Instead, I gained new friends, amazing experiences, greater knowledge of Israeli culture, and a stronger connection to the country of Israel as a whole. When people said that birthright was going to be a life-changing experience I honestly didn't believe them at first, but they were absolutely correct. Most of the places I had already been to when I was high school and I didn't appreciate them until I returned this summer with BZD's birthright trip. The Israeli soldiers that spent 5 days with us shared their experiences, heartache, and stories. They showed me how strong of a country Israel is and how far they will go to protect their country. I left a part of myself in Israel and I hope to return again.

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