BZD Backs Israel Campaign

What is the Baltimore Backs Israel Campaign and what is its purpose? 


As many of us are aware, recent studies have shown that anti-Semitism is on the rise and at an unprecedented speed.

So much of the time, the positive news surrounding Israel and the Jewish people are not made public. Yes, there are many Facebook pages and groups that share overwhelming positive and uplifting messages and news surrounding Israel, but as far as our own “friends” on social media goes, when was the last time your newsfeed was filled with support for Israel and the Jewish people? 


At the Baltimore Zionist District, we take pride in bringing a direct connection from Baltimore to Israel and back again.

As Baltimore is known around the world for having one of the largest Jewish communities, there’s no question as to the length we will go to show our unconditional love for the state of Israel. 


With that being said, the Baltimore Backs Israel Campaign is an opportunity to take the biggest Jewish community onto social media to showcase our love, support and commitment to Israel. 


This is yet another opportunity to make positive news about Israel, regardless of political affiliation

This is about spreading positivity and awareness in a way that could potentially, reach the masses. 

The donation component to this campaign will help BZD continue connecting to Israel through

meaningful educational programs, events and trips that are always tied to Israel. 

We know that Baltimore backs Israel; be that as it may, how can we show that on social media? 

The answer is wearing the Israeli flag around our backs, using the hashtag #BmoreBacksIsrael 

A simple, but important statement. 

The world has a right to know that we have Israel’s back, but most importantly, Israel has the right to know we have their back.


Haven't received a flag but you want to?

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Phone: 410-484-4510

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The Baltimore Zionist District (BZD) exists for the sole purpose of nurturing the bonds between Baltimore and the State of Israel.  

Baltimore Zionist District (BZD) uses its direct Israeli connection as a home base for the creation of cultural and political programs and educational activities which deal with all aspects of Zionism and modern Israeli life. BZD works with and reaches out to Baltimore’s Jews across the religious and cultural spectrum and the greater Baltimore community.


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