BZD Activist Opportunities

BZD always needs volunteers and community activists to monitor media for biased reporting, write Letters, sign petitions, attend rallies. Want to participate? 

BZD’s Teen Israel Experience - Israel Sports Stars

Israeli Holiday Observances

BZD brings the Jewish community together to commemorate Yom HaZikaron (Israel’s Memorial Day) and Yom HaAtzmaut(Israeli Independence Day). 


Get a clear understanding of today’s news and issues from Op-Eds about current issues confronting Israel 

VIP missions to Washington

BZD hosts its VIPs on special Missions to DC to the Hill, Israeli Embassy, and US State Department to hear experts address current issues facing Israel. 

Host Israelis

BZD helps you welcome Israelis to Baltimore to strengthen ties between Baltimore and Israel. Learn about Israel’s culture through your Israeli guests’ eyes.  

Aliyah/Israel Desk

BZD hosts Baltimore’s only official Aliyah Desk to facilitate your dreams of Aliyah.  Our staff Shaliach represents the Jewish Agency on most Aliyah matters. 

Volunteer in Israel programs

Want to volunteer in Israel while vacationing or enjoying retirement? Work side by side with Israelis and feel good about giving back. 

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