If you have received the flag, it means that you are acknowledged as someone in our community who loves and supports Israel.

We at BZD cannot thank you enough for your commitment to our homeland.


FIRST: Take a picture of you wearing the Israeli flag around your back. 

SECOND: Post your picture using the hashtag #BmoreBacksIsrael to Facebook and/or Instagram

  • make sure that your share settings are set to “public” so we can find your photo!

THIRD: Although it is not required, you can donate to the Baltimore Zionist District here: 


All donations go towards helping BZD continue connecting to Israel

through meaningful educational programs, events and trips.

Click here For more information on where your donation goes

  • Or if prefered, via check made out to:

Baltimore Zionist District - 104 Church Lane #130,

Baltimore, MD 21204, attention Caren Leven


Any donation is appreciated! 


Choose the next person to receive the flag, and hand it over to them!

Of course, whomever you decide to pass the flag on to must love and support Israel, Baltimore and the Jewish people. 


That’s it! We cannot thank you enough for participating, and we can’t wait to see your photo!



previous BZD intern