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 “Because you care about Israel and the Jewish people, join B.Z.D. Israel needs our collective Zionist strength.”

- Robert Slatkin, former BZD President

Israel and BZD need your membership:
  • Press for peace in the Middle East by keeping Israel strong.

  • Protest Iran’s development of nuclear arms and threats against Israel’s population centers.

  • Monitor developments on Capitol Hill, provide information to Congress, and advise BZD constituencies on issues affecting Israel.

  • Speak out fearlessly on public issues in the media ,in full support of the cause of Zionism,Israel, and the Jewish people.

  • Strengthen the bond between our youth and Israel through BZD’s Teen Israel Experience.

  • Raise awareness about Israel’s contributions to science, medicine, technology, the arts, and academic research.

  • Encourage and support American aliyah to Israel.

Just a few of the programs your BZD membership supports:

  • High School Teen Israel Summer Experience– BZD subsidizes 50% of each participant’s one-month long trip

  • Advocacy – Speaker Series, Israeli symposiums with leading Middle East experts, VIP Missions to D.C.

  • BZD activist opportunities- petition and letter-writing campaigns, rallies

  • Zionist Education - programs in private/public/religious schools with BZD’s Shaliach or Shlicha

  • Tzofim Friendship Caravan (Israel Scouts) –  engaging and exciting summer performances throughout Baltimore and Maryland!

  • Yom HaZikaron - Community- Wide Memorial Ceremony for Israel's Fallen IDF soldiers and victims of terror

  • Yom Ha’Atzmaut - Community- Wide Celebration - Independence Day 

  • Transportation - providing free buses to National Rallies for the community and local schools 


Membership benefits:

  • Free entrance and discounts to BZD programs and events (not including Brandeis and missions)

  • Weekly newsletter containing the latest Israeli related news items, as well as BZD programs & events information

  • Announcements for members about upcoming programs & events 



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About BZD

The Baltimore Zionist District (BZD) exists for the sole purpose of nurturing the bonds between Baltimore and the State of Israel.  

Baltimore Zionist District (BZD) uses its direct Israeli connection as a home base for the creation of cultural and political programs and educational activities which deal with all aspects of Zionism and modern Israeli life. BZD works with and reaches out to Baltimore’s Jews across the religious and cultural spectrum and the greater Baltimore community.


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