Learning Opportunities

Learn Conversational Hebrew

Our popular on-going classes in Ulpan Conversational Hebrew, offered at Beginners and Advanced levels, are taught by a very experienced Israeli Hebrew instructor.

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Webinars and Podcasts 

Receive an email announcement of our next Webinar or podcast. These state-of-the-art presentations typically focus on contemporary issues affecting Israel, lectures about Israel history and politics, classes on Zionism, US-Israel relations, and a host of other topics featuring experts in a given subject area.


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Speaker series


BZD informs and educates the public about Israeli politics, policies and life.  Understand and connect with Israel by attending our informative speaker series.

  • Diverse points of view by knowledgeable pundits, media types, authors, scholars, and diplomats

  • Provocative speakers addressing issues of concern to Israel, US, and American Jews.

  • Lively discussions