Maccabi Gap Year


The Maccabi Gap Year program is an
8-month program for teens ages 18-19 (post high school) interested in having unique Israel experience, coordinated and planned by Maccabi World Union.


Participants will have the opportunity to build their leadership skills through our Machon LeMadrchim seminars. You'll have the option to join the IDF’s Marva experience, train and assist with the Magen David Adom emergency service while living in Tel Aviv, live and work on a kibbutz, tour all over Israel, and learn about the Holocaust through an immersive tour in Poland for one week. 

Throughout the program, there will be many opportunities to discover and see Israel from many perspectives. 


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A Glimpse Into Your Year

Explore all of the different opportunities you'll have during the Gap Year. Over a year in Israel, you should find many things that will be exciting, new, educational, and fun. The program includes medical insurance, meals, accommodations, transportation, and programming.

The Gap Year program is fully supervised and coordinated by Maccabi World Union Madrichim under the supervision of the Program Director.

Gap Year Options and Costs

September 1, 2022–June 11, 2023 | $18,000

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Machon Le Madrichim

Based at Kiryat Moriah in Jerusalem, the famous Machon course has trained counselors and young educators from all over the world since the 1940s. You'll learn about innovative pedagogical techniques, Israeli sociology, Middle East conflicts, and many other subjects. The classroom is Israel and you'll be able to develop your leadership, public speaking, and project planning skills. Enjoy many guided study tours and excursions all over Israel to bring your course work to life and volunteer in Israeli NGOs, which will allow you to truly immerse yourself in Israeli society.



A kibbutz is a co-operative, communal living environment. You'll have the opportunity to adopt the kibbutz lifestyle by working and living side-by-side with locals. On the kibbutz, you'll work, learn, and practice your Hebrew, swim, play sports, and so much more. A madrich will live with you on the kibbutz and will organize activities which may include lectures, sports, day trips, games, and city visits.

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Tel Aviv Immersion: Live Like a Local

During this part of the program, you will live in apartments in Tel Aviv with 3-6 roommates. There will be evening activities led by the Madrichim or various professional speakers. While living in Tel Aviv, participants will receive a weekly stipend and be responsible for their own food shopping, cleaning, cooking, laundry, and other housekeeping. Madrichim will also live on site and be around to help. Staples of the Tel Aviv experience include learning Hebrew at Ulpan, volunteering with Magen David Adom (MDA). Magen David Adom is the medical emergency assistance in Israel. The MDA course will give international certification for each participant.



Service in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is an important element in the life of young Israelis. The army is a personality-forging rite-of-passage that strengthens Israeli's patriotism and identification with the State of Israel. Marva, participation in the IDF, will undoubtedly deepen participant's sense of belonging to the Jewish People and in Israel. Marva will deliver a 'boot camp' experience to understand military life, as well as provide practical skills to learn the ethical content of the IDF. Throughout the program, participants will be led by a team of Officers and Sergeants, and will be under their command 24/7.  

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