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A testimony regarding her family's survival of the Holocaust. Attendees can look forward to hearing a live performance of the song, "Imagine," by John Lennon covered by the talented, Peri Leanna (Peri Schuster).

Zikaron B’salon

Virtual live lecture which traces the Zionist dream from Herzl through to Israel's independence illustrated by artifacts in the personal collection of David Matlow. David own the world's largest private collection of Theodor Herzl memorabilia with over 5,000 items.  

Artifacts of 


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The promise of the Promised Land has always been linked to the responsibility for developing within it a of society of the highest moral standard. In this session we will explore texts on the imperative of creating an exemplary society in the Land of Israel as envisioned from Biblical times to the present.

Mt. Sinai to  Mt. Herzl

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Trail Of independence

The incredible story of the first Hebrew city in the world, that was founded in 1909, and turned in recent years into the heart of the Startup Nation. In this virtual tour we discover the secrets behind the preserved houses, recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site, including the Hall of Independence - the place where the state of Israel was founded.

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How many streets are named after women in the most pluralistic city in Israel? Where is the most feminist place in Tel Aviv? Who were the women who designed the White City of Tel Aviv and why were they forgotten?

White city ladies

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We had a great conversation with Ronit Asheri & Gera Sandler! With a bonus Q and A from the audience. It was great to learn about life on the set, their most memorable moments, and filming on set in Berlin.

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Get an in depth perspective on this International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Join former Goucher Holocaust Studies Professor, Uta Larkey and Holocaust Survivor, Isak Danon as they share their expertise and personal stories with us on the way to the museum.

Ben Gurion's 

A glance at the BDS activities worldwide and their influence on the delegitimation of the very existence of the State of Israel.

BDS Movement

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Established in 1887, Neve Tzedek is the first Jewish neighborhood to be built outside the walls of ancient Jaffa.

Follow the footsteps of pioneers and founders who laid the ground for what will later become Tel Aviv - the first Hebrew city in the world.

Neve Tzedek

Join us as we go back to the days that Jaffa drew adventurous characters who dreamed of redemption.

The American-German colony reveals the true scope of the efforts to resettle in the Land of Israel in modern times.

Join tour guide Tomer Chelouche on a virtual visit to a highly secretive place in Tel-Aviv! We can almost guarantee you have never been there before & and it's beautiful!

German American Colony