A "Shuk" Connection

This past Friday, BZD traveled to the Owings Mills, JCC to meet with 45+ TNT (Top Notch Teens) from 4Front Baltimore. We taught them all about the concepts of the "Shuk" (the Israeli market), intertwined (of course) to the art of buying and selling.

Using a game called "Teamim," the teens were given fake shekels, and food which helped in creating the best acting atmosphere. Every teen participated, and many truly dove into their roles as either the "buyer" or the "seller."

As a result, each teen felt a stronger connection to an aspect of Israeli culture, and learned some useful tactics to use when they hopefull travel to a real shuk!

"It was definitely the best workshop we had all year and the teens really enjoyed themselves. I look forward to working together more in the future."

- Jeff Snyder, TNT director

Special Thanks:

World Zionist Union (WZO) Diaspora Affairsfor creating great program!

Jeff Snyder, for helping to arrange this workshop!

Vered Mei-Tal, for providing us with your teaching expertise!

If you are interested in hosting an educational workshop/program with BZD,

please contact Executive Director, Caren Leven. Email:

Call: 4104844510

Check out the photos below from the awesome event!

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