The Silent Conversation - Israel & Judaic Pride Online

This week at BZD, we have been discussing the silent on going conversation throughout social media in terms of anti semitism, and news regarding Israel (both positive and negative). Although we understand that what every person see's on their own individual Facebook or Instagram feeds can be different, Caren and I started to wonder just how many of our fellow Jews feel the way we do about this silent conversation happening.

So the question really is "why?"

Why does it seem to be so difficult for people to stand up for Israel and the Jewish people on their own via the internet? Although there are plenty of negative articles, surrounding the on going hatred towards Israel and the Jewish people, there are also plenty of positive articles that combat these ideologies. With that, what is the reason behind not standing up for our homeland and the Jewish people on the internet? Truly, I am asking these questions not only to provoke a meaningful conversation, but to also gain some answers.

While I appreciate our religion not being commercialized, I wonder about how the misunderstood viewpoints from all different walks of life are included in this "silent conversation." What if the world felt like they knew us? Would that change anything, even slightly?

We know that we cannot fix all hateful acts made towards us as Jews, but if making even just a 1% difference meant we share an article here or there, or even post one ourselves, what is stopping us? If we made this 1% difference in the viewpoints of others by educating them, why wouldn't we do it? At BZD, we have placed ourselves head first into the dive of Israel and Judaic pride. Our hope is that you will either continue to, or begin to join us in opening up the conversation and eliminating the intimidation of doing so.

Below I have included articles that are most definitely "share worthy."

By sharing one or more of the articles below, you could be selected to win:

- BZD Swag Bag!

The "Swag Bag" will include a T-shirt, water bottle, hat, and a BZD pop socket that says,"I love Israel!"

The contest rules:

Must share a positive article about Israel.

Must have a Facebook or Instagram page.

Must be following BZD on either Facebook or Instagram.

Must tag BZD in your post so we can see it!

For Facebook: search @Baltimore Zionist District

For Instagram: search @BZDistrictMust

Email after to confirm you have shared your article!

We look forward to seeing you do your part in breaking open this silent conversation in representation of both Israel and the Jewish people.

Let's open up this conversation, and educate our social media "friends."


World-Class Musicians Stun Anti-Israel Activists Worldwide

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Baltimore — The Most Welcoming Jewish Community

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Hebrew University of Jerusalem team advanced findings can help doctors determine the earlier onset of diseases such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s Read More

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